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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun May 25 18:44:09 2008

LIGHT'S REACH - As one of its final acts, the Imperial Tribunal has passed legislation that will change the way that the Nobility of the Kingdom earns social and political titles when married to a Duke or Duchess.

It has often been the case that, through marriage, a lesser-ranked Noble inherits the same "rank" as their higher-ranked spouse (in cases where one Noble has a higher social standing than the other). This has lead to a number of political incidents in which the spouse of a Duke or Duchess will inherit the same social ranking as the Duchy in question, though will act upon it - and be treated by it - on a political level.

In documented history, this has resulted in those who have become Duchy-by-Association wielding political power that they have no real justification to wield, and being treated as actual Duchy by their social lessers.

The new legislation dictates that the title of Duke or Duchess may now only be held by the actual political entity, rather than by the entity and their married associate.

The husband or wife of a Duke or Duchess will now be advanced to the social rank of Marquis or Marchioness to more adequately display their standing among their peers, and the benefits of power that that association grants them, without luring other Nobles and Citizens into the belief that they speak for an actual member of the Duchy.