Ambrose Smythe
[[Image:|none|200px|Ambrose Smythe]]
Species or race Sivadian
Gender (if any) Male
Height 175cm
Weight 68kg
Hair color
(or apical end color)
Eye color Dark Brown
"Biological birth year" 2986
Born ( 2986.11.05
Enaj, Sivad
Died N/A
Residence Hancock Station
Employer Krushnik Incorporated
Character name Ambrose

Ambrose Thomas Lazarus Smythe is a Sivadian Engineer.


Ambrose Thomas Lazarus Smythe was born in the Year of Our Lord 2986 to Brian and Audrey Smythe, in the city of Ynos. He is the older of two children, having a sister, Caitlyn, four years his junior. His childhood was uneventful, repeating the monotonous cycle of going to some school or such every year, interspersed with short breaks to allow his mind to form some semblance of sanity before metaphorically smashing it to a pulp with a pneumatic jackhammer again. Not that he did bad in school, in fact he did very well, and often complained of boredom, much to his teacher's annoyance.

When it came time to enter secondary school, Ambrose was virtually leaping for joy, as this allowed him to pursue some of his own interests. At around the same time, he started taking classes in martial arts, mostly because his parents wouldn't let his sister go unless he did too. He found that he enjoyed it. After a short while, it was discovered that Ambrose had an eidetic memory, which explained his behavior and success in earlier teaching environments. Unfortunately, it was also discovered that he had insomnia, as his mind was always filled with information. More often than not, he had to work himself to exhaustion before he could fall asleep.

It was at the end of the Sivad-Consortium War, at the age of 17, that Ambrose decided that he would become an engineer, much to his father's dismay. His parents are officers in SHIELD, and his father had hoped in earnest that his son would follow in his footsteps. Ambrose would have nothing to do with it, and so his father was resigned to watching his son saunter off to the University of Enaj to earn an engineering degree, and rest his hopes on his daughter. Caitlyn soon burst his bubble, stating her intentions of doing something other than police work. Their mother wholeheartedly agreed with their choices, and so their father slumped off in defeat to go clean his gun. or something.

And so it went that Ambrose went to the University of Enaj, earning a Masters Degree in Engineering in the four years it normally took to earn a Bachelors Degree, and he is now looking out at the whole wide universe, wondering where he could put his talents to use.

Hancock StationEdit

Ambrose has been hired as an engineering officer on Hancock Station.