Being the minor series of logs for the informal trial of the mage Taran.

Appassionata: First Movement

Taran and Ziavri Silverdew - argument, and agreement of sorts.

Appassionata: Second Movement

Ziavri Silverdew tracks down Naoi Cloth outside of Light's Reach; the two return to Crown's Refuge to set the ball rolling.

Appassionata: Third Movement

Naoi Cloth meets Taran - and for a meeting of Light and Shadow, rumpled collars are a light enough casualty list. Brief appearances by Ziavri Silverdew and Muri Woodhill.

Appassionata: Coda

Ziavri Silverdew talks with Muri Woodhill while matters proceed - and then follows Naoi Cloth and Taran to the moment of judgment.

Return to Season Seven

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