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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu Jul 05 12:42:22 2007

Bards belonging to the "Circle of Calamitous Catastrophe" (or the "Circlet of Cacophonous Conundrum", depending on their mood) of the Elkmont College of Bards have written a dramatic and sorrowing lamentation about there being too much news to write songs and tales about at this present time.

The Circle (or Circlet) bemoan that too many events are happening at once - be it the restoration of Lights Reach, the removal of the Aegis Curse, the zealot attack on East Leg, the fire in Wildling Reach, the bandit attacks on Silver Bear Road, the suspected corruption of the House Nillu Guard, the scandal at the Hawk and Dove Tavern, the reconstruction of Nights Edge, the unrest in the Shadow District, or the destruction of Apple Village - to be able to concentrate on one long enough to be able to write a truly epic ballad or tale for.

The Circle (or Circlet) have since posted a document on the campus grounds requesting that the Empire not do anything of interest for another three weeks, though to whom this document is addressed to remains a subject of mystery.

The infamous "Circle of Calamitous Catastrophe" (or the "Circlet of Cacophonous Conundrum", depending on their mood) are known to be a somewhat whimsical and aloof brotherhood of college bards, but this recent declaration has many wondering which gear finally came loose. (Perhaps all of them, some suspect, considering how rusty they must have been to start with).

The biggest travesty of all, however, is that bards who make up the Circle (or Circlet) arent recognized as being very good at their art, either.

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