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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Mon May 08 14:28:11 2006

FASTHELD - Several large pieces of parchment were reported as found nailed in prominent locations in Hawk's Aerie, Aegisview, Southwatch, East Leg, and the market Bazaar. Handwritten, in what seems to almost be a quivering, unpracticed hand, the posts blast Zolor Zahir and his accomplices for their recent coup of the throne, and their imprisonment of the Emperor's brother, Serath Kahar, who had returned to Fastheld Keep a week previous. In addition, it reminds that the true heir to the throne is Talus Kahar the Fifteenth, and goes on to list documented Zahir treacheries of the past against the rightful line as well as Fastheld itself. In addition, it expresses disappointment with the Church's backing of a criminal regime, and suggests that there are many other men in the Shadow District who have committed less serious crimes that would be more worthy of rule than Zolor Zahir. In a final plea, it calls on all true men and women of Fastheld to refuse the Usurper's unlawful occupation of the throne, though it doesn't exactly suggest any method to do so. Scrawled on the bottom is a rough shape of a maple leaf. Many have jokingly called it the Black Raven Herald, in combination of a reference to the previous White Dove Herald broadsheets, and in a jab at the Zahir Raven and less than friendly words contained in each post.

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