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  • Reported To: FHC
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  • Reported When: Mon Apr 24 16:57:38 2006

In the wake of the Chancellor's announcement that Ester Shardwood - a Baronet and Freelander - has been appointed to the Royal position of Acting Surrector following Duhnen Seamel's resignation, a broadsheet has begun to circulate around Fastheld that suggests that the Nobility of the realm are less than pleased at such a move from the Imperial Council.

Entitled "The White Dove Herald" and written in an elegantly flowing script, the broadsheet hints that discontent is rife among the upper echelons - and even among the lower tiers - of Fastheld's Noble society, who seem to be collectively seething about many topics relating to the Chancellor's move.

Among the context of the direct quotes and written opinions of the mysterious author, the broadsheet advocates that:

  • Many Nobles are infuriated that a Freelander has been appointed to a Royal position.
  • That the Nobility as a whole are equally furious that the age old system of Noble Ranks, Titles, and Peerage, has been 'underwritten' by a move that they feel 'invalidates' the entire hierarchical system that Fastheld's social classes are built upon.
  • That these same Nobles - across a number of Houses and levels of Social Rank - propose to boycott the Imperial Council entirely and establish a Republic with electorates approved from various Fastheldian positions of influence instead in order to preserve the age-old social order unless the Council bends to their will.
  • That Freelanders are now considered 'equal' to the Nobility, and that the Imperial Council "no longer respects the support - both politically and financially - that the Noble Houses have built the Throne upon.

Though these are the major points of the broadsheet, the document is also littered with a number of smaller petty comments that one could most likely attribute to individuals that have an axe to grind with the Chancellor, rather than the shared opinions of a collective whole. These lesser comments suggest opinions such as:

  • The Chancellor wishing to abolish the Council and elect himself as Imperial Directorate, ruling Fastheld through Military power.
  • That the Chancellor placed Ester Shardwood in the position in exchange for illicit favors.
  • That Lady Shardwood has information that could bring House Nillu to ruin, and bribed the Chancellor with such slander.
  • That the Chancellor is being controlled by the Church and/or a group of Shadow Mages.
  • That the Chancellor is using his position to launch a grievous vendetta against political opponents in the hope of weakening other Houses while strengthening House Nillu.

These individal comments have been mostly dismissed by the general public, the Bards say, but the broadsheet continues to circulate in Taverns and Inns, on parchment and word of mouth, and the main points are the discussion of many a Noble and Freelander the realm over.

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