Broess Driscol
Broess Driscol.
Height 5'6"
Weight 140
Born 35th of Shadowreach, 608 ATA
Died N/A
Mother Suhaylah Seamel
Father Magnus Seamel
Children None
Siblings Duhnen Driscol
Graem Driscol
Dahnen Driscol
Roen Driscol
Spouse None
Class Noble
Title Baroness

History in BriefEdit

Broess is the younger sister of former Duke Duhnen Seamel, now Driscol. She is the elder sister of Graem, Dahnen, and Roen Driscol, and currently resides the Silkfield region.

Broess is not overly well known outside of Driscol territory, despite her famous brother. She is often referred to by the inhabitants of the town as the Lady of Silkfield. Amongst the commoners of the town of Silkfield, Broess is known for discreetly hiring anyone unable to find work elsewhere until their skills are again marketable, and arranging for the rent of buildings to be frozen temporarily or paid in full on occasion.

She is also known for being a very devout follower of the light, and is often found in the temples of the region. Her skill at embroidery is well known in Silkfield, and stories of the noble's work have spread to other tailors of the realm. Her official roll is that of running Winterhold Manor, formally known as Silkfield Keep in her cousin Jurus' absence.


Dark brown ringlets frame the pale face of this young noble woman, who stands at 5'6". Her hair is reigned in only by a gold circlet, but the quality of that item is beyond compare. Her cream colored skin is set off by rosy dimpled cheeks and full red lips that reflect the colors of her dress. Her dark brown eyes sparkle with otherwise hidden emotion, her face generally a serene mask.

The low scooping neckline and high waistline of her white silk dress only serve to accentuate her full hips and breasts, seperated by a tiny waist. Blackwork roses in silk thread trace the collar and cuffs of the angel sleeves. Her overgown is made of a deep crimson silk, with a small gold rose embroidered below the left shoulder. A matching crimson velvet cloak completes the set when the weather requires it, a gold chain set between two gold roses holding it closed.



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