Celeste Mikin
Baroness Celeste Mikin
Height ...
Weight ...
Born 3rd of Shadowreach, 605 ATA
Died N/A
Mother Baroness Serana Mikin
Father Baron Mallor Mikin
Children None
Siblings 2 older brothers.
Spouse None
Class Noble
Title Viscountess Celeste Mikin
Former Scourge


  • 605 ATA

Born on the 3rd Day of Shadowreach, 605 ATA, to the Baron Mallor and Serana Mikin. Celeste spent the first six years of her life in Light's Reach, growing up with her three older brothers. The youngest of them six years her senior.

A happy child for the most part, she spent her days enjoying the company of her mother and when others were not about, the children who lived within their hall.

  • 611 ATA

The Baroness took Celeste to the Stanchion, where she would remain, learning the ways of the Light. Celeste's distrust of Shadow-Touch allowed her to rise quickly within the ranks.

  • 621 ATA

She had joined the ranks of the Scourge. Her tenacity becoming well-known among the Scourge. She would not walk away from a fight, nor falter in her blind search of the Shadow-touched

  • 625 ATA

After her 20th birthday, She left the Stanchion, feeling a monster of all that she held dear. Today she still bears the scar upon her right hip and leg of a shadowscourge. She disappeared into the world of caravaneers and guardsmen. Until the Amnesity of 626 ATA, when she felt her calling to the Light once more.

  • 627 ATA

After returning to the life she'd had not known since her childhood; she continues to preach the word of Light to those that will listen. The Shadow-Touch's constant contact with her life slowly building a new tolerance for the woman.

Dealing with the ingrained distrust, she journeyed beyond the Aegis to protect those that she would call friends. A trip of self-discovery where even the simplest of conversations seem more like a butterfly's wings in the storm.

  • June 627 ATA

After journeying back from the expedition to the Wildlands, Celeste returned not with renewed vigor but a life's purpose. The scourge's knowledge of matters of the heart and men foreign to the woman, she turned to that which always called to her: The Light.

Today she stands at the beginning of new dawn of learning with the opening a small chapel in her Ancestral Lands. A small ragtag group of followers and true believers stand at her side, even in the face of adversity with friends and foes alike.

There is some speculation that this man or that has caught the eyes of the scourge, but as to the woman's heart, that seems to be her most guarded secret of all... and that knowledge does not seem likely to be shared.



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