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A Long Shadow has fallen over the empire of Fastheld...

In the Empire of Fastheld, the boy Emperor, Talus Kahar, is guarded by a Shadowed Regent. The Cult of the Dragon has set its sights on the lands past the Aegis. The Imperial Cult is few in number, and the people have not yet learn to trust it or the White Dragon that rides bright on its heraldry. The Silver Prince, Serath Kahar, long champion of the people and hope of their faith, has faded from popular view - vanished, some say, on a journey that may have already claimed his life. It is a time of uncertainty, a time of divided allegiances and a future that fades into darkness at every turn.

Outside of the Great Wall of the Aegis, the Wildlands grow strangely quiet - the Wildlings have been seen migrating east, and entire settlements of Men have vanished into the howling wilderness. Ancient ruins grow heavy with an almost palpable Shadow at their heart - to the east, the sky darkens into an evernight visible nearly to the Refuge itself.

The Archmage's Visions show little more than uncertainty, and the distant watching of thousands of glowing blue eyes.

The Great War continues. The Shadow falls over all of the lands of Men and Syladris.

In times where the Light itself flickers and fails, its children must shine forth against the gathering gloom.

Where will you stand? What side will you choose when all allegiances are uncertain?

Chiaroscuro, Season 8
Rise of the Nine

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