Appliance Control UtilityEdit

Designed as a way to control mundane, unsecured objects, often in one's dwelling, without the need to physically touch the object in question.

Cybernetic MuscleEdit

An augmentation that enhances strength. +1 scaling to a character's strength when equipped.

Dermal ArmorEdit

Armor that is placed under the skin of the recipient. This armor weighs 30 units of weight, and tends to bog down weaker characters, but provides 15 DDF and 15 EDF at Fair Quality.

Engineer ArmEdit

An attachment that contains the basics of an engineering field kit. While it does not make the creation of items particularly easy, it does allow one to effectively never be without tools of some kind.

Infomatrix Access Neural LinkEdit

Also known as a Datajack, this item allows one to experience the full connectivity of the Infomatrix. This also does everything an Appliance Control Utility can do.

Medical ArmEdit

This attachment grants a +1 modifier to all +heal rolls made outside of a proper medical bay, favored among field medics.

Nerve WiringEdit

Replacement of some nerves that increases reaction time. +1 to Dexterity

Reconstruction SymbiotesEdit

Nanites that augment the healing process 'on the spot'. This does not make healing serious wounds easier, but blunts the impact of some damage. +1 to Constitution.

Synaptic BoosterEdit

A cybernetic that augments mental capacity. +1 to Intelligence.