Dean (ZO2-791)
Dean in full disguise.
Species or race Phyrrian
Gender (if any) Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 542 lbs
Hair color
(or apical end color)
Eye color Green
"Biological birth year" 4007
Born ( Unknown
Died N/A
Residence Tomin Kora (Millennium Era)
Employer Freelance
Character name Dean

ZO2-791; codename; Dean, was created in the year 4007 as the newest prototype for a new model of sentinel/infiltration units. One sent to each nearby planet, their primary objective was simple. Watch. Observe. Live. If something was found that was of major asset to the Overmind, it would be reported. ZO2-791 was made the strongest and most physically intimidating of the units, as his objective location was none other than Tomin Kora.

His model type was far advanced to any other unit yet, with the capability of learning, adapting and quite possibly, a byproduct, emotion. He is programmed to be able to speak any language, the downside not being able to understand slang well, as well as self-repair, computer operation, and many other tasks. When sent to Tomin Kora, ZO2-791 observed and mimicked the general personality of the populous. As time went on however, individuality sprang up, relationships were made. Dean made friends. T-888 (Dean without tissue, powered down.)

He still was linked to the Overmind, however, until such connection was severed in 4009 when a rift opened up and sucked Dean and some fellow passengers on a small transport ship, which ended up crash landing into Commoro's docking hub. Bereft of his connection that he relied on to function properly, the Phyrrian sought out a new way of imitating the Overmind's control.

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