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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Palace District
  • Reported When: Wed Apr 05 02:56:58 2006
Lightholder Tavern was abuzz last evening when Deputy Surrector Ester Shardwood, knocked herself unconscious at the top of the Inn's stairs. A witness said that a baby was heard crying for a while before the incident. He explained, "Then all of a sudden, she appears at the top of them stairs, keels over all wild like and bashes her head on the wall. Swear...yah could have heard the sound all the way ta the market!"

She was taken to her room, accompanied by a yet unamed companion who was holding the baby when she fell. A healer was called. Her condition is unknown at this time. "It was really crazy," one of the serving girls told pretty much everyone who came into the tavern the next day. "She and her baby had been there for a about a week with a governness, that just up and disappeared earlier in the evening. No one really knows what's going on."

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