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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: River District
  • Reported When: Thu Jan 25 04:16:19 2007

RIVER DISTRICT - In light of the recent declarations by one Baron Oren Nillu, the current House Matriarch, Duchess Xerun Nillu, was prevailed upon by the general public to release a statement to the Lode citizens.

"Currently House Nillu stands nuetral on the subject of Marked citizens," the Duchess writes on a series of parchments that were nailed to doors and posts around the town center. "The adjustment to allowing once outlawed citizens back into our towns, our shops and our homes is going to be difficult and it must be gradual." The statement goes on to say that the Duchess encourages Lode citizens to stay and see how things work out, but rumor has it that she is more than displeased with the Baron Oren's actions.

"I heard her talking angrily to someone," an anonymous source reports. "She wasn't happy with the Baron's decision. Apparently he made it without consulting her first." At the moment there have been no letters released nor any public statements from the Duchess on the Baron's daring initiative.

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