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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Mon Jan 01 19:42:42 2007

As the earth-shaking news from the Tribunal hits Fastheld's Great Noble Houses, the recently appointed Lomasa Patriarch - Duke Norran Lomasa - has recently forwarded an address to the announcement:

"Word of this has come to me as a great surprise. Never would I have thought to ever be chosen for such a distinction as Patriarch of our Great House Lomasa, and I will do my absolute best to ensure that we both survive and thrive in these new and unfamiliar times. I will ensure the swift formation of a noble Lomasa Order of Knights for the further protection of our holdings, and hope to bring to it a history of service that my own Uncle - the late former Horselord Warlan Lomasa - would be proud of. Although our House has endured great blows from those among us who care nothing for the greater whole, I will do my best to ensure House Lomasa remain a strong and stalwart defender of the Empire - and look good doing it. To both the Emperor and the entirety of House Lomasa, I am honored to serve."

Duke Norran Lomasa is a descendant of East Leg founder Yontalas Lomasa, and his only current holding remains the defensive Riverhold Keep to the south of the township. He has only had one spouse, Viscountess Katriana Nillu of House Nillu, their status of marriage currently unknown.

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