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Edward Sivad (d. 2162) is the founding father of the planet Sivad. He, along with a number of others, purchased, outfitted and launched the colony vessel S.S. Margaret Thatcher, which landed at Enaj on the tropical world that would become Sivad on 17 November 2160. Some historians now believe his name was originally spelled "Eduard" and was later changed to meet modern Sivadian naming conventions.

Edward Sivad came to the land that would later bear his name as a refugee from the Human-Zangali War. He was, along with his follow colonists, resolved to start over. As Edward Sivad himself famously said, "The flame of independence burns anew in this promised land."

Edward Sivad died of cancer in 2162, too soon to ever see his dream of a new world become fully realized. Sivad still memorializes its founding father, and 17 November is a Sivadian National Holiday.

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