A well crafted one-and-a-half foot long --} shaped steel crossbow, consisting of a veneer oak stock with a reflective steel bow mounted across the horizontal length of the upper section, forming the cross.

A tight steel-wire bowstring runs from one recurve of the bow to the other, while the sturdy steel lock plate to hold the bowstring in place remains set around the mid-section of the stock.

A steel trigger mechanism can be found under the rear arm of the stock, allowing bolts to be fired automatically once the bowstring is hooked over the lockplate, while a sleek metal groove covers the nose of the weapon, allowing bolts to be held in place and ready to fire.

Finally, a steel aiming sight remains set upon the side opposite the trigger, allowing for better marksmanship, while steel guards and wedges set around the frontal groove allow for better holding and safety. The underside of the crossbow's T-brace is affixed with the downturned antlers of a brown elk.

Lovingly crafted in the year 610 by a bowyer and blacksmith named Pagen Heath of Silkfield, in the Forest District of Fastheld, this crossbow became the stuff of legend in the hands of a woodsman named Elarmal Pyre.

Pyre dubbed it Elkfinder after bagging one of the largest brown elks ever recorded in Mikin Wood, below the bluff of Light's Reach.

According to legend, the weapon is blessed by the Light in such a way that its aim is unerring, allowing every shot to strike true when pointed at a brown elk.

It's a fairly apocryphal tale, but it helped Pyre's family sell it for a profit after he died in 621, gored by a wild boar.