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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sat Sep 10 14:56:42 2005

HEDGEHEM - Captain Iselore has released information regarding the Expansion that the Emperor's Blades is currently about to undertake in order to reinforce the realm in the wake of the internal disputes that has seen the Church of True Light abandon its own contribution to the enforcement of the Imperial Law across Fastheld.

Of particular concern is the Shadow District, which until recently was entirely policed by Scourges from the Church of True Light. As of the destruction of Halo, this policing has been in steady decline as Scourges have been recalled to deal with the problems that the Church is currently undergoing.

One thousand Blades will push north into the Shadow District from the West Aegis Garrison in order to secure Imperial Order in establish some semblence of control over what it increasingly becoming a lawless region. The establishment of Blades outpost is also on the agenda. Captain Iselore Zahir expects Fort Wildcat to be completed by the end of Winter.

As the West Aegis Garrison is currently tasked with the guard of the Light's Reach Reconstruction Effort, as well as the Watch of Hedgehem and Bramblestone, and the trade routes between them, Blades from the South Aegis Garrison will be reassigned to the West Aegis Garrison to cover loss of men.

The South Aegis Garrison will then recruit an additional thousand Bladesmen, while other Garrisons across Fastheld will attempt to do the same.

In total, these expansions will bring the total number of officers within the Emperor's Blades up from 10,000 to an estimated 12,500. Captain Iselore Zahir has stated that with the standardization of the Blades that was brought about in the reforms of 624, the realm is more than equipped to handle such projects.

The North and East Aegis Garrisons will remain at their full capacity of two-thousand Bladesmen in order to secure the north and eastern areas of the realm, and the Aegis, from any possible Wildling attacks. The garrison at Fastheld Keep and Fort Raven in central Fastheld will also remain at full capacity.

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