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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu May 18 20:38:46 2006

Imperial Couriers spread the news that Lady Grand Chamberlain Tomassa Zahir is seeking capable individuals to fill a few vacant positions in the Imperial kitchens and other areas in the palace.

She also wishes to hire:

  • An Executive Quartermaster of the Palace = This person shall be responsible for ensuring the palace never runs short of any supplies. He or she may take on additional staff as necessary. This person shall report directly to the Chamberlain.
  • An Imperial Agricultural Overseer = This person will manage farmlands set aside specifically to grow foodstuffs and other necessities for the palace. He or she will supervise the farm operations from the initial tilling of the soil to the delivery of wagonloads of produce to the palace kitchens. He or she will hire farmers and workers at their discretion. This person shall report directly to the Chamberlain.
  • A Executive Housekeeper = This person shall be responsible for the state of the palace, including its grounds. He or she shall supervise all of the domestic servants and groundskeepers at the palace except for those employed in the kitchens. He or she will also oversee tax evaders who are sentenced to work at the palace. This person shall report directly to the Chamberlain. He or she may hire or release servants and groundskeepers as needed.
  • The current Executive Cook will not be replaced due to her excellent skills, her long tenure, and her loyalty to the new Emperor. She reports directly to the Chamberlain rather than to the Executive Housekeeper.

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