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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun Jan 29 00:36:47 2006

Military channels and information sources across Fastheld are alive with news that the long awaited redeployment of the forces of the Emperor's Blades has finally come into effect.

As of the First hour by the Light on Lanternglow, the 29th day of Whistlewind, all Bladesmen of the Emperor's Blades are - over the next month, as time and assignments permit - ordered to return to their nearest Garrison of Fort for redeployment into one of the three new Divisions that have been formed to replace the now removed four, per order of Blademaster Hartnek Lomasa.

The Light Infantry, Archers, and Dragoons Divisions of the Emperor's Blades now no longer exist, having been replaced by the Blades Rangers and Blades Cavalry; the former a merging of the ideals of the Light Infantry and Archers, with the latter creating a viable Mounted Unit division within the greater officer core that has not been seen since the Imperial Horsemen. Heavy Infantry is know merely known as Infantry.

The Blademaster's reforms are believed to be the next evolution to the prior reforms brought in by the missing Prince of the Blood in 624, and just one of the many reforms that have transpited through the history of the Blades due to due to politics, new equipment, adaptive tactics, or the general expansion of Fastheld as a whole.

Regardless, it is widely believed by the Captains of the Emperor's Blades that the Blademaster's current reforms are one of the most required to date, and can only serve benefit the people of Fastheld, and the Emperor himself, in ways that even they can not currently imagine.

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