It is currently Year 628 after the rise of the Aegis. The world on which we dwell is orbited by six moons. The blue moon is known as Herald. The crimson moon is known as Dayhunter. The green moon is known as Stormwatcher. The violet moon is called Serpent’s Eye. The two whitegray moons are called the Torches. Ten months a year, five weeks a month for eight months - six weeks a month for two months, seven days a week.

The months are called:

  • Whistlewind
  • Bleakdreary
  • Stormclaw
  • Greening
  • Seedwarming
  • Kilning
  • Huntsmoon - Six weeks
  • Harvest - Six weeks
  • Lightfading
  • Shadowreach

The days are called:

  • Lanternglow
  • Riverstretch
  • Cointaking
  • Shadowwatch
  • Willowwalk
  • Fealty
  • Idleforge

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