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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Market District
  • Reported When: Mon Apr 24 17:50:10 2006

Business in the Market District was disrupted earlier today as a brawl that apparently started in the Hunter's Guild spilled out into the street. About a dozen men and several women were involved. Though it is unclear at this time the exact reason for the conflict it appears to be over the appointment of the the official Guildmistress Ester Shardwood to Acting Surrector and the Imperial Council. Several of the White Dove Herald broadsheets that have been circulating through the realm littered the ground after the constables were called in to break up the fight. Infighting and tensions have existed in the guild since Lady (then just Mistress) Shardwood was first elected primarily over issues of age and gender and then her rumored liason with a nobleman, the late Corriden Lomasa.

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