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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu May 29 16:54:27 2008

With the various antics of the former Chancellor Oren Driscol having been well documented in the public consciousness, there now exists the opinion that Zolor Zahir's bloodless coup - the "Dark Feather Insurrection" of 626 ATA which saw the Ruling Steward remove the Imperial Council and the then-Chancellor Oren Nillu from power - may have been entirely validated.

Imagine, the opinions go, that Zolor Zahir had not done anything, and that Oren Nillu had still been the Steward of an Empire today. Imagine, they whisper, that all that had been witnessed and dismissed from the man had instead become law. Did Zolor Zahir not then become the salvation of the Kingdom, two years in advance? Did he, perhaps, see the seeds of corruption ahead of time?

Still, others who remain against the incident in question wonder Oren Driscol's "descent into heretic madness" may have come about as a result of the insurrection itself; if the very act may have caused enough emotional distress to push the old bear over the edge...

However, the Touched Citizens of the Kingdom who suffer a setback every time Oren Driscol enters the public light are unlikely to take much comfort from the idea that the old bear is merely a senile heretic as a result of political stress - especially when the untouched masses shun them in the wake of his words.