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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun May 28 16:25:46 2006

Though delayed for six months longer than it was estimated to have been finished, Fort Wildcat - the Empire's newest military base - has finally been completed in the Shadow District.

Having been plagued by labor shortages caused by 'suspicious' cases of Bladesmen 'apparently not existing anymore', issues with materials having been 'redistributed' by the population of the Shadow District, and the subsequent lack of development due to 'security assignments' at their own base, the base is now fully up and running.

Though the events that have stalled the construction of the Fort have set the tone for what many believe to be a hard and enduring assignment - especially considering that much if the Shadow District is either lawless or barren wasteland - the Blades as a whole are said to be "delighted" at yet another base of operations, and are 'enthusiastic' at the prospects of greater lines of supply and communication.

Justiciar Soravyn Zahir - acting commander of the Blades - is one of those who is pleased to see the work finished. "We know that we cannot bring the Imperial Law to the Shadow Distruct, as much as we can bring Day to the Night." he is quoted as having stated when asked by Marshal Ean Mudgrass about the assignment, "But much as we light torches to ward off some of the darkness upon those nights, we can try and create a beacon of order within the depths of chaos all the same."

Fort Wildcat will primarily act as an outpost to monitor the development of the Shadow District since the Church of True Light - formerly the keepers of some form of Order - pulled out of the area following the destruction of the Citadel of Halo. It will also serve as a relief and re-supply station for those posted at the Shadow Gate, and upon the Shadow Wall.

Marshal Ean Mudgrass has been assigned as commander, under the wing of the West Aegis Garrison under Captain Iselore Zahir.

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