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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sat Jan 27 19:02:18 2007

Freehaven - Heralds and Couriers of the Imperial Watch alike spread news across the Empire that the city of formerly named Aegisview, and formerly named Vozhdya before that, has been fully and officially gifted upon the People of the Empire from the Imperial House Kahar by Prince Serath Kahar's own hand, and shall and forever be known as of this day as Freehaven, and considered by the Empire to be a neutral free city under the direct administration of the Imperial Law.

The change was not without some concessions, however: The Prince added the clause that various parts of the city be renamed to better suit the status of the city. Of note is that Broselov Circle is now known as Starkhorn Circle in honor of Sirion Starkhorn, while The Vozhd Downs have become the Imperial Downs.

Furthermore, Aegisview Keep has been gifted to the Imperial Watch, and shall - by Serath Kahar's own decree - be renamed to Fort Wolfsbane.

It is believed that the East Aegis Garrison, currently the Empire's eastern-most fortification which has been stagnant since Markus Kahar's short reign as the former Second Blademaster, shall be decommissioned and the officers of the Imperial Watch spread around the eastern-Empire in a much more efficient manner by which they will be able to better operate and respond as situation(s) dictate.

The move has further improved relations between House Zahir and House Kahar, and substantially improved relations between the Freelanders and Merchants of Fastheld and House Kahar itself.

It is also being toted as legitimate proof - beyond all doubt - that Prince Serath Kahar is in fact alive and well, and that the tale of the Prince abdicating the throne was not merely something concocted by Zahir rumormongers (as some people had claimed); a fact that has created even more mixed opinions about that move.

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