Garviel Fairskinned
Race Lupoid
Class Warrior
Alignment Good
Gender (if any) Male
Height 6'5
Weight 81.8kg
Hair color White
Eye color Blue
Born ( 2985.03.23
Lovel Park Dome, Luna
Died 3030.12.09
A Lake
Residence Garviel's House, Moldering Meadows
Employer The Pack
Character name Garviel


Garviel is the lupoid form of Jantine Osligoth, a human pilot. During his life, Jan was loyal and defensive of those that he loved and cared about. His friends, his crew, and his wife Alandra Barras-Osligoth. Garviel is the piece of Jantine that made him so defensive. This defensiveness manifested itself in many forms. Garviel would often do anything in his power to protect those he loved regardless if these actions were considered right or wrong in other’s eyes, even those that he loved. Unfortunately, this defensiveness caused Garviel to crave the attention and praise of those that he protected, even when his actions, while in defense of these same people, did not always warrant the praise and attention he craved.

Garviel’s connection with Alandra was something unlike the connection he had with other’s. He desired her attention and praise more than that of anyone else whom he was defensive of, and protected her more fiercely than anyone else. This was primarily because he loved her more than he loved anyone or anything else, so his urge to protect her was stronger and he desired her attention more so than others.

Garviel all but died when Alandra passed away. The only thing that kept him and Jantine alive was the desire to protect and care for Alandra and Jantine’s two children. When the children were able to make their way in the universe and no longer needed Garviel’s protection, there was nothing left for him to do, he had no one to protect and no one who would give him the attention and praise that he needed. Jantine ended his own life just a few months after the children had gone out on their own. He had always found water calming during life, and had owned a boat. It was with this boat that he caused his death, leaving it for the embrace of the water. That was when Garviel was unleashed from Jantine’s body, into Necromundus.

Current Events Edit

Garvi has found Alandra again, in the form of the Elf Alexia Whitewolf. The two recognized each other, and have been reunited.

Garvi has also co-founded The Pack with fellow Lupoid Augustus, where he serves as one of the two Pack Leaders. Most of his time has gone to the improvement of The Pack, including recruitment, organization, crafting armor and weapons, and trading.


Soul Mates
Warrior Pact
Fresh Meat
Snow Ball Fight
Politics, Dragons, and Wolves
Sae'Kall: Pillage and Burn
Sae'Kall: Invasion
Stranger In A Strange Land
The Drums of War
The Cavalry Arrives
A Wild Knight: Part 1
A Wild Knight: Part 2
Dead Man's Chest



JTS Faction Point Value of BadgesEdit


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