The Grigorian religion is the faith which is an outgrowth of The Watchers organization. Although the original organization has been considered dead for several centuries, certain tenets of the organization's beliefs evolved into a religious movement based in the emulation of the actions of Exemplars, or archetypes which are given more saintly than deified status.

There is some argument whether Grigorians are truly a 'religion', or more of a philosophical movement.

Beliefs Edit

The central tenet of the Grigorian faith is that of Right Action; that the state of one's soul is both discernable by, and changeable by, one's actions through life. Thus, if one is a good person, one does good things. And if one wishes to be a good person, one finds good things to do. The Exemplars are considered archetypal guides accepted by the leaders of the faith as being good examples to follow, in questions of what is 'good' in a given situation.

There is, however, a mystic element; Grigorians believe firmly in the principle of reincarnation, embodied in a prophecy of their founding prophet to return, and thus in a karmic wheel which affects and is affected by every choice they make.

Practices Edit

Grigorian shrines may be found on any inhabited world, though some worlds have far more shrines than others, and on a few worlds - owing to their origins - Grigorian shrines are even hidden. A given shrine is always dedicated to at least one Exemplar, and most of the regular attendants at that shrine will follow the path of that Exemplar.

Nearly all Grigorians will wear on their person some charm representing their chosen Exemplar, and this charm is valued highly.

Membership Edit

Grigorians may be found among any race and on any world, though it is very rare indeed to find a Sivadian among their number. They are not particularly numerous, either considered by world or as a whole. They are not an evangelical group and for the most part little is known about the specifics of their faith - however, they will accept any convert that comes to them.

Institutions Edit

Grigorians are less secretive about themselves than they are simply noncommunicative. Shrines may be found on any inhabited world, usually with at least one person in attendance. Beyond this, some ships have been dedicated to Exemplars, and now and again even a space station, but the specifics of sites of worship tends to be fluid and uncertain.

It is far more likely that one will find the mark or symbol of an Exemplar on some public site, set there by a builder or administrator; Grigorians are far more likely to be out doing something than gathered together for any reason.