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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Halagh
  • Reported When: Sun Apr 01 18:41:07 2007 2007

Famous inventioneer Hal'tesla unveiled his latest feat of constructoration earlier today, a device known simply as 'The Zapperfier'. It stands about as tall as a Mooring Pole, but uses the inventioneer's 'harnessed lightning' to launchify electrical zaprays from a large globe at the top.

"It is my intention to construct these zapperfiers all along the outskirts of Halagh as a deterrent to invaders," Hal'tesla told those gathered at the unveiling ceremony. "I will also offer the zapperfier technology to the Biggeruns so they may construct them as well. If both sides have the thingimajigs, there will be no need for scuffles between our two peoples."

The Buroks-In-Answering declared Hal'tesla's new marvel "Brilliant, like bamboozale in a bottle."

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