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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun Jul 10 00:18:50 2005

HAWK'S AERIE - If Warlan Lomasa were still alive today, he'd have a lot to answer for. Hawk's Aerie, once the bustling center of social circles and the greatest economic powerhouse in Fastheld, has slowly sunk into a state of sloth. Lavish parties and activities, once common in the era of Warlan Lomasa and Damiante Nillu's rule, have all but ceased. Trade, save for a little over half a dozen sought-after merchants, has ground to a halt. Even the famous Hawk's Aerie cobblestones, long rumored in bard's songs to be clean enough to eat on, have fallen into disrepair. Some blame the ascension of former Steward Rayk Nillu into rulership of the township, with his laissez-faire ruling style, lax hiring of subordinates, and recent scandal regarding his opinions of the Shadow. Others point to the abdication of the former rulers under hushed conditions. Still others simply point to the seeming vacuum of power while Rayk Nillu serves his lengthy sentence rebuilding Halo Cathedral. Whatever the case, this once shining example of Nillu-dom seems to have lost its luster.

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