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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun May 28 16:09:59 2006

In an unprecedented move, and after what is believed to have been weeks of diplomatic negotiations, His Lordship Captain Iselore Zahir today released a statement following the announcement that the North of Fastheld, under the watch of His Lordship Captain Sirius Kahar, had signed a pledge of loyalty to the newly formed Government and His Grace the Emperor Zolor Zahir I.

Captain Iselore Zahir stated that his "counterpart and long time friend" Captain Sirius Kahar had "finally realized that neither the Sovereign Prince Serath Kahar I, nor the Sovereign Emperor Talus Kahar XIV, would return from death no matter how much he and the People of Fastheld wished for it" and that the Captain had "accepted that Emperor Zolor Zahir's tenure upon the Imperial Throne is wholly in the interests of the economic and public stability of the Empire, given the lack of any reasonable alternatives available at this time."

Captain Iselore went on to say that both he and Captain Sirius were "committed" to the People of the Empire and "would have never supported this change in administration if there were anyone else available - any Kahar available - to serve a term that would appease the Great Houses, and the People under them, in equal measure." Safety and security, he said, were "paramount issues", and that "the Realm faces greater problems than squabbles over who sits on a Throne, and what their last name is."

The Captain commented that he was "troubled" by the "ease" at which some people - especially of those in his own House - were "willing to take up arms against an established Government" and noted that he and his counterpart were both "deeply disturbed" by suggestions made to Captain Kahar that he could strike at Hedgehem from the "sympathetic, and - for his sake - nameless" home of a Noble insurrectionist.

Finally, Captain Zahir said that he'd assured Captain Kahar that Emperor Zolor Zahir's reign was "just an essential, but temporary bandage" for the "realm's wounds" until Talus Kahar XV came of age, at which point he was "sure" that Emperor Zahir would be "more than willing" to abdicate the Throne back to House Kahar, and the next in the Imperial line.

In following, the Blades within Road's End, and much of the so called 'northern coalition', reported that any tensions between themselves and the south had eased, although Aegisport, East Leg, and Sweetwater, are still believed hold anti-Zahir sentiment regardless.

In parting, Captain Zahir thanked the Emperor for "being patient" on the matter and allowing loyalty to be pledged through diplomatic, rather than forceful means. "Where one Emperor may have sent Blades to force Loyalty, the Emperor bided his time and permitted negotiation to prevail, with - yet again - no blood spilled."

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