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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Mon Jan 01 16:13:51 2007

Already signed and approved by His Grace the Emperor Zolor Zahir the First today on the first day of the year 627 After The Aegis, House Kahar has apparently relinquished territorial influence over Aegisview in order to place the city in the neutral hands of the Empire.

Over the next month Aegisview will be reborn as Freehaven; neutral territory (much like the Market District) which will serve as a meeting point for all Noble Houses, and will eventually play host to the Imperial Forums, expected to be either converted from an existing building, or constructed by scratch.

Without the infamous clutches of Vozhdyan control dominating trade, a commercial boom is expected to take place within the city over the next year which will see a number of Merchants and Freelanders set up shop within what is now the first major Imperial-held city in Fastheld.

All House Kahar operations and Nobility shall be relocated to the city of Wildcat's Landing further to the north. The move is expected to place both House Kahar and the Emperor higher in the favor of the People of Fastheld, as well as eliminate any or all animosity that House Vozhd-Kahar may have caused during the history of the city.

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