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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun Feb 04 07:00:32 2007

Gossip is like wildfire: it spreads quickly and burns though fact and fiction alike, leaving nothing of substance in its wake.

The current gossip that's ablaze among the Noble social circles is that House Nillu is a House divided! Divided, people claim, between the Nillu of northern Fastheld, and those of the south. The House itself appears to be fractured between the supporters of Oren Nillu within the Nillu's Lode region, those of Duchess Xerun Nillu of Hawk's Aerie, and those who have yet to take a side in the matter.

Other Houses look on from the sidelines, the Nobility claims, waiting to pick apart the corpse of the House should it succumb to the sickness that spreads through the familial veins.

Meanwhile, the gossip that a Seamel attempted to kidnap a Lomasa within Nillu territory has people stating opinions left, right, and center. What could it all mean? Are House tensions about to reach a new high, or will the three Houses downplay the event as an isolated incident that no House is to blame for?

House Seamel braces for the worst, House Lomasa looks to its Duke for the next move, while House Nillu attempts to contain the damage already caused by the fallout.

All in all, Tavern profits are on the rise!

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