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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sat Dec 16 20:49:57 2006

Fastheld - Riders attached to the Imperial Couriers of the Imperial Watch once again travel across the realm with yet another Imperial Decree from His Grace the Emperor Zolor Zahir I.

Placed upon every major news post and within every major tavern, store, and public forum across the Empire, the parchments reveal that the Imperial Tribunal's Office of Census and Excise recently made a curious discovery:

It appears that at some point during the last year, a member of the Vozhd-Kahar apparently signed away the entire sub-House to the ownership of House Nillu. No one is exactly sure how or when this happened, though an initial investigation has reported that it most likely took place after the untimely death of Emperor Talus Kahar XIV.

The incident has come to light after it was found that the former members of House Vozhd have been representing themselves as officially appointment members of the larger Imperial House Kahar that the sub-House belonged to. Those of the Imperial House Kahar have no knowledge of any such agreement to officially "absorb" House Vozhd as Imperial blood, and vehemently state that such a concept would have never been agreed to to begin with.

Obviously this has created quite an amusing, yet complicated, legal situation that has only ever surfaced once before in the history of Fastheld: When House Vozhd surrendered to House Kahar over five centuries ago.

In an effort to promptly and timely deal with the incident in the most direct way possible without launching a needlessly expensive and time consuming investigation into the event, His Grace the Emperor Zolor Zahir the First has decreed that House Vozhd-Kahar be fully disbanded once and for all, severed from all relation to the Imperial House Kahar, and the remaining members of that sub-House granted amnesty to be adopted by one of the six Houses as a legal and official member.

Those wishing to join another House must now attain a letter of support from the House they wish to join and send that, as well as their own letter pledging their intent, to the Emperor for consideration.

Those who do not do so in a timely may suffer themselves becoming exiled Nobles, and given only the rights of normal citizens. However, it must also be noted that these same Nobles, whatever the outcome, may yet be considered to be traitors to House Kahar and declined permission to set foot upon Kahar-held territories at a later date.

Any territorial claim that House Vozhd-Kahar may once have held is to be transferred back to the original ownership of the Imperial House Kahar.

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