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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Wed Nov 01 17:01:39 2006

After two months of concern, the Imperial Tribunal has announced that the Justiciar of the Imperial Law, one Soravyn Zahir, has been officially classified as 'Missing'.

Though the Justiciar has not been unknown to spend time in the field on personal assignments, the Imperial Tribune notes that the Justiciar is usually meticulous about filing plans of travels or estimated durations of such assignments, and then informing the Tribunal's staff before he departs.

However, no one within the Tribunal has seen the Justiciar for quite some time, and no one seems to have any idea as to where he might be.

The Imperial Tribunal has also offered a 10,000 Kahar reward for any information leading to the location of the Justiciar and his current status. The Tribunal Staff has also indicated that the daily operations of the Tribunal has not been affected.

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