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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun Oct 09 19:39:46 2005

FASTHELD - Word travels across Fastheld through Military channels that the Justicar's Office of the Imperial Tribune has hereby composed a Public Writ of Apprehension for the arrest of one Dianna Ebonwood - alias Dianna Stone, alias Dianna Lomasa - to be taken into effect immidiately by all active Bladesmen.

Though it is often beneath the duties of the Tribune to create Writs for common Freelanders, the Justicar feels that due to the horrific nature of death that one "Gammon" suffered, it is in the best interests of the Imperial Crown to take a direct involvement in order to expidite the investigation into this indicent further.

Local Bards translate this for the common Tavern goer as such: The Imperial Tribune, where they make all the Laws, wants Dianna Ebonwood, who used to be called Dianna Lomasa, who was also called Dianna Stone once, brought in for questioning, and they don't trust the "common people" to do so. So they're making it a requirement for all Blades to be keeping an eye out for her. They also claim that a bounty of 1000 Kahars will be paid to whoever brings her in, or at the very least brings her to Fastheld keep and into the custody of the Emperor's Blades, or the Imperial Surrector, unharmed.

Both sources stress the "unharmed" and "questioning" parts, and presume no accusations of guilt or innocence.

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