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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun Dec 03 14:39:08 2006

As the Emperor's Blades begin to stand down, details of the incarnation of Fastheld's new militia soon begin to spread across the realm.

From initial reports, it seems as the collective Captains and Commanders of the Emperor's Blades are recruiting for an organization named for simplicity and function as the "Imperial Watch."

The Imperial Watch, it appears, will function much like the Emperor's Blades, except that they will be stationed upon the many roads and highways that run across Fastheld, as well as patrol the Aegis and any Imperial holdings, facilities, and establishments.

While maintaining the Imperial Law and ensuring that the Emperor's voice and reach are present in all corners of the realm, the policing of the various Townships of Fastheld will be assigned to the Nobles House(s) that run them. It is believed that this will be an effective way for the Houses to compensate for the removal of Holdings Taxes, and thus pay back the realm.

Territorial control of the Empire is to be granted to the Noble Houses in an effort to give them an area to patrol. Orders of Knights and Guard Militia may soon return to the realm after centuries of slumber.

As for the Imperial Watch, rumors spread that they will adopt a special form of chainmail as standard, and will be known for the tabards that proclaim their sworn duty to the Crown for all to see. Most curiously of all, however, is the hushed suggestions that various Captains are warming to the idea of enlisting women into the ranks of the Watch, in evident recognition of the skills of marskmanship that many have become known for as Hunters and Rangers, to name but a few professions.

It remains to be see how this change in attitude will affect the realm and the greater powers that control it, but whispered anticipation of female Knights and Militia are already beginning to circulate around the realm upon the voices of those who support such a bold move, and those who are utterly opposed to the concept of women fighting as equals to men.

No official word regarding the Imperial Watch has yet to come from the Palace itself, however.

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