The first thing one notices about this superbly-crafted dagger is its hilt. Made up of a singular piece of flawless wildstone, it gives off a dull red sheen that plays off of the steel of the blade, and often tints the bone color of the inlay to the color of fresh blood.

The double-edged blade is razor sharp, and tapers up to a thin point. Up the sides of the blade run two elkhorn inlays, one side displaying a pastoral scene with a male elk grazing in a field, and the other shows the same elk in the middle of a shallow stream, looking up at the viewer with innocent eyes. The crossguard is fashioned like the prongs of an elk's horns, with each side emerging into three sharp points.

The story begins in 436 ATA, with a Mikin Baron by the name of Alint who was obsessed with wildstone. Many of the items in his keep were adorned with the precious, deep red rock, but he had a constant passion for more. He was scouring along the inside of the Aegis for deposits of it when he saw a boy of no more than 15 from across a pond.

As he watched, the boy transformed into an elk. Shaken to his core, Alint sent a contingent of men after the elk, instructing them to kill and dismember the Shadowed creature. It was not long before they had done so, and left the carcass to rot.

It was also not long before Lord Jolfor Seamel realized that something terrible must have happened to his son, Frair. Over the course of several weeks, he found out the truth: his son had been Shadow Touched, and Alint Mikin had had him killed.

Wraught with grief, guilt, and shock, Jolfor's anger focused on Alint, blaiming him for all the pain the Seamel was suffering. Spending a quarter of his fortune, Jolfor bought a 4 inch by 1 inch piece of flawless wildstone, and taking a long piece of antler from his son's body, he hired master blacksmith Polkor Slate to make a dagger of unearthly beauty.

He then hired an assassin to pose as a merchant trying to sell the dagger. It wasn't long before the Baron Mikin heard about the bloodstone-hilted dagger that was being sold, and came running to buy it. It was in a stall in the Market District that Alint Mikin met his end, run through by a dagger that combined what he and Jolfor loved the most.

Status: Retired.