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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Wed Sep 28 18:18:21 2005

FASTHELD - Upon the Seventh hour by the Shadow on Shadowwatch, the 19th day of Harvest in the year 625, news begins to spread across the realm upon the voices of Couriers, Bards, Heralds, and official notices, that the Justicar's Office of the Imperial Tribune has revised the Imperial Laws that govern the ownership and permissions of wear upon various sets of Armor that are known within Fastheld.

It has deemed that Brass Armor may be produced by the Freelanders of the realm, and worn by Nobility, without fear of retribution from the Church of True Light. It has declared that Obsidian Armor is no longer restricted to those only of Royal blood or heritage. It has decreed that sets of Iron Armor that seek to replicate Imperial Steel can now be worn by Nobility proving that no gilding of the Ivory Tree of the Blades or the Imperial Crown rests upon the surface of those items of armor produced.

Word has it that Imperial Steel Plate and Imperial Steel Chain remains solely the armor of the loyal and brave officers of the Emperor's Blades, and that anyone not a part of that honoured military - be they Nobility or Freelander - found wearing such armor will be punished to the full extent of Imperial Justice.

Blessed by the Emperor, these changes are now Law.

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