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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: River District
  • Reported When: Wed Dec 13 16:05:08 2006

River District - Deepers and Fishermen of the River District have a special new "Catch of the Day" around the Darkwater Pier and Keep: The Kaharfish.

Taking the place of the Rathken for a while as the most talked about beastie within the waters that the Deepers call home, the half-man, half-leather, Kaharfish is a rare catch indeed, promising a haul of richly engraved jewels and glittering Imperial Kahars to any fisherman fortunate enough to drag the flailing creature ashore.

The local legend was born after Deepers aboard the keelboat "Enchanter" hauled their latest catch out of the cold waters around Darkwater Keep after spotting an overturned rowing boat - complete with Noble sailor atop what remained of the hull - late in the afternoon. Their catch? Adaer Kahar the Second, a Noble of some infamy currently building a reputation within the Darkwater Fleet for his skill at sinking vessels.

His last misadventure is still being told by Bards even as this new one comes to light, for it was but a week or two ago that a vessel known as "The Emissary" was found wrecked upon the shores of the Jagged Run; an incident that Adaer Kahar was apparently involved in, and feared lost to, having held ownership of the vessel.

Regardless of local japes carried upon the back of Adaer Kahar's misfortunes and ironic escapades, the momentum caused by the collective incidents is causing more than Count Thayndor Zahir's accountant to take notice; some within the Nobility have begun to question why a (Vohzd) Kahar is working for a Zahir, and working as a mere deckhand as well, a position without rank, tasked with pushing poles into the river to steer vessels. Common Freelander work, Nobles whisper to each other, bemused by the depths to which their peers might - perhaps literally! - sink.

Still, around Darkwater Keep where such political comments are reserved for exclusive use by the Zahir Captains and Lords, there remains but one source of discussion: Just where will the Kaharfish flounder next?

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