Millions of years ago, the Kamir were a humanoid race that enjoyed manipulating the genetics of other races and dabbled in the development of artificial intelligence. Their masterpiece, created seven million years ago, was the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind -- but the Hivers revolted against the Kamir and nearly wiped all of them out. The few that survived transcended to a level of non-corporeal existence to escape their renegade creation.

While the Hivers embarked on a genocidal war against the B'hiri and other allies of their makers, the Kamir began puppeteering their descendants, the Mystics of Val Shohob, by serving as the Voice of prophecy. The Kamir, it has also been learned, were the progenitors of the Vollistan Light Singers.

In the year 2651, after the defeat of the Hivers on Sagittarius, the Kamir met with some corporeal beings and apologized for the acts of the Hivers. But it was the Kamir themselves who became the enemy in the year 3002, after Eye Balthazar of the Mystics rejected them as the Voice. The remaining Kamir and Hivers wiped each other out during a confrontation on Nocturn, after the Hivers had resurrected La Terre and the Kamir had resurrected Majordomo Grim for their own ends.