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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Tue Jul 03 23:51:38 2007

Beneath the greater blanket of gossip that spreads from the Hawk and Dove Tavern's masquerade ball, a second layer of potential opprobrium has taken flight. There are reports that suggest that the main subject in the wilder topic of defamation - Baron Aulus Kahar III - may also be an embezzler, which is a crime under Imperial Law.

Such speculation seems to hinge on the idea that while the masquerade ball at the Hawk and Dove Tavern was one that was apparently organized by the Kahar Baron, and that cost a grand total of roughly fifteen thousand Kahars Imperial to run to a level that would lavish enough to attract Nobles from as far as Aegisport and Silkfield.

However, as this rumor circulates, the tail of such a verbal creature of flight is feathered with suggestions that - as the Baron fled from the masquerade ball - the proprieter of the establishment (the infamous Dianna Lomasa) has yet to recieve a single coin.

It is likely that the matter may be investigated by the Imperial Watch if House Lomasa themselves do not seek reparations for such a grevious oversight, with the Duke Lomasa himself being in a very good position as that of both a Patriarch and a Knight-Errant to resolve the matter on behalf of both his House *and* the Law.

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