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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Fri Jun 27 15:54:31 2008

TRADEMEET - In a somewhat bitter twist of irony, there are reports that the new Grand Master of the Royal Order of the Sovereign Crown, Norran Lomasa, and an associate House-Knight of House Lomasa, Baron Pardus Lomasa, were attacked by a former outcast Noble of House Lomasa inside the (now somewhat infamous) Hawk and Dove Tavern.

Though details are sketchy, it is believed that the Grand Master and the House-Knight were conducting operations within the Hawk and Dove relating to the apprehension of Esquire Thayndor Zahir, recently disowned by House Zahir, in connection to the events that lead to House Zahir severing all ties with the former Count.

It is said that the Grand Master was assaulted in the midst of this operation without warning by the former Lomasa after being told to stand down, with eye-witness accounts claiming that the outcast in question was clad in a suit of full-plate armor, and equipped with a longsword.

Though the actual dramatics of the conflict vary from person to person, the resulting clash of arms is said to have lead to a fairly substantial and drawn out conflict, the conclusion of which leaving the Grand Master with minor cuts and bruises, the House-Knight moderately wounded, and the former Lomasa critically injured.