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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Sun Jul 01 18:24:17 2007

There are rumours that suggest that a large city has appeared upon the Light's Reach Mesa, and that the previous scorched and tainted lands in that region have become whole again with forests and lush fields. At least twice as large as any city in Fastheld (discounting the sprawl that is the Fetters, and the endless Market District), the city holds little in common with the "old" Light's Reach save that it features four torch-towers and is built atop the Mesa.

At this moment, it is said that the city is virtually abandoned, yet fully constructed with buildings that define quality and architectural design. Some of the nobility are VERY interest in the rumours of a fully developed Noble District, complete with mansion and manses just waiting to be purchased.

Those affiliated with the Imperial Watch state that the Imperial Tribunal has been contacted by whoever currently seems to claim ownership over the territory, and it is expected that they will soon be organizing a structured campaign of population. One might assume that priority will be given to those who were displaced after fleeing the destruction of the "old" Light's Reach two years ago, with the Imperial Office of Census and Excise having apparently kept record of who those survivors were.

Fearing a "free for all" rampage, the Imperial Watch have also been assigned to the city by request, and are currently in the process of establishing a garrison. One might thus conclude that House Guards belonging to House Mikin will not be providing law enforcement in the city at all, which may come as a relief to the striken house considering how thinly stretched those resources currently are between Light's Crossing, Wedgecresh, and Southwatch.

For now, it seems that the Tribunal is only permitting limited visitors* to this "new" city, and the nature of the city itself is still the subject of much question - namely, how exactly WAS it reborn?

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