A gleaming silver rapier with a point-tipped cylindrical blade, about 30-inches in length, that extends from a brass-trimmed hilt and handguard.

This blade once belonged to a traveling fencer named Urago Seed, who wandered the Forest District of Fastheld, engaging noble opponents in duels.

Along the way, he bested many opponents from the various Houses and, in exchange for his prowess, he departed with spoils such as Kahar Imperials, livestock, fine works of art and statuary, and even the occasional vassal.

Some fifteen years ago, however, he happened upon the township of Light's Reach, where he matched his skill against a young swordsman of noble blood named Alieron Mikin.

Although the duel seemed as if it might go Urago's way for some time, with the fencing champion landing two nasty cuts to Alieron's sides, the noble ultimately won through a combination of fleet-footedness and nimble swordplay. For his prize, Alieron claimed the fencer's rapier and dubbed it "Lightkeeper.

  • Status: Destroyed after Alieron Mikin's unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Talus Kahar XIV.