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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu Jun 05 13:00:44 2008

ELKMONT - Having made a case for expansion in the wake of the territorial fallout, it is believed that House Lomasa have secured a Royal Charter for the territorial ownership of land south of the Fastheld River between the Valley of the Blades and the Eastern Aegis.

Extending from the Fastheld to (but not including) Providence Road across half of the Market District, the expansion will cover the city of Trademeet, the Blue Raven Forest, the Freehaven Canal, the southern Market Road, and the Broadsword Hills.

As the Royal Crown essentially considers all of Fastheld to be "Crown Territory" to begin with, the change of territorial hands is not being seen as a major cessation of power from the Royal Palace. Rather, this charter will free up additional resources within the Royal Guard to be put to better use in other regions as the House Lomasa guard takes over law enforcement operations.

It should also be noted that Providence Road will now mark the boundary between House Lomasa and House Driscol territory, with the townships of Freehaven remaining neutral grown under the jurisdiction of the Royal Crown. That House Lomasa now hold territorial control over Trademeet is said to be somewhat of a surprise, though the extended reach now places the House of Bulls on a more equal 'territorial footing' with the other Noble Houses.

Equally, it is thought that the House of Bull's style of letting Freelanders mostly conduct their own business without much in the way of (unrequired) Noble intervention will likely result in little impact being felt in day-to-day trade coming into and out of the merchant city.