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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Mon Jan 29 16:22:09 2007

Freehaven - While removing old equipment from the Armory of what was previously Aegisview Keep, officers of the Imperial Watch have apparently discovered an insignia belonging to the Luminary. Engraved upon one of the Armory walls, the insignia depicts a black eyelid, within which a white moon pupil can be found.

Hidden behind an old tapestry, the engraving is believed to be at least three hundred years old, though has sparked a flurry of rumours in regards to the Keep's former functions, and what secrets House Vozhd may have held.

The discovery has not hampered the progression of the Imperial Watch in moving into the Keep, nor has it affected morale in any way.

Those who study such things are quick to point out that in all likelyhood a former Man-at-Arms of the Keep was most likely a member of the Luminary, and that meetings were held in the Armory because of this. Others claim that someone in the Keep's history may have just had a desire to rage against the system, and that the "vandalism" was nothing more than an outlet for this frustration.

Bards and tavern patrons across Fastheld, however, like to think otherwise.

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