The Magecoat of Ebonhold is a full-length sleeved longcoat of shimmering dark lavender velvet, cut to a man's form, and worn to ankle length. Flawless in its design, the velvet is at once as dark as the depths of the night sky, and as silky as the glittering stars that rest upon that midnight canvas, free of the tarnish of any elaborate patterns or symbols. It cascades over the wearer with an elegance befitting of its design, running from neck to ankle in length, with sleeves that flow from shoulder to wrist before drifting into the trim of the cuffs.

Worn in an open fashion, the Magecoat features nothing in the way of buckles or bindings, instead draped over the body as one might wear a sleeved cloak; the thick velvet construction of the robe allowing it to remain at once both elegant and practical, able to impress both a sense of authority while protecting the wearer from the elements - be they natural or arcane.

Running around the inner edges of the Magecoat, around the neck, upon the bottom, and around the sleeves, can the elaborate trim be found. Black in colour, the trim is constructed of the finest silk and features elaborate golden trimming that lines the edges of the areas that the trim flows over, woven into arcane patterns and runes that one might assume grant this item of clothing some degree of enchantment.

It remains, now and perhaps forever, one of the most elegant and resplendent coats in existence, perfecting the art of symmetrical grace and style, with practical functionality and protection.