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  • Reported To: FHC
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  • Reported When: Tue Jul 03 23:34:30 2007

Of those who left the Hawk and Dove Tavern in the wake of a Masquerade Ball in high spirits, not all of them were in such a mood merely because of too much ale. Indeed, of all the rumors and gossip that flow out of such gatherings of Nobles, one tidbit of delicious scandal seems to prevail the most: That Baron Aulus Kahar III, son of Count Aulus Kahar II, fled from a duel when challenged by another reveller while the party was still young.

The exact nature of the altercation seems to be the subject of much parody and conjecture (depending on how far down the proverbial grape vine a person happens to be when the tale is related to them), but the malicious talk would seem to agree that an grave insult was directed at a lady dressed as a Chitter (which remains the part that serving girls seem most fond of), who then called the Baron's bluff by issuing a duel in order to heal her wounded honor.

Refusing to dual a woman, it is then said that the Baron instead turned tail and fled from the Hawk and Dove, leaving a bevvy of amused (and equally bemused) nobles in his wake.

Bards and Minstrals alike, ever eager to cash in on the current topic of noble prattle, have since struck up the lyrics to a new ditty: The Fraidy Cat and the Chitter, Beneath the Hawk and Dove.

Those who pay closer attention to such political slights who are immune to the spin that gossip-mongerers and opportunistic dramatists now wonder where this event shall lead, and what will become of the woman scorned who was denied her satisfaction...

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