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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Thu May 18 22:30:13 2006

For the past two days reports have been coming in that pieces of parchment with a similar message are being found on the roads of Fastheld. They are titled 'A Story' and signed by someone who called themselves The Raven.

The poetic tale reads, "And the snake slithered through the night, his poison dripping from his fangs. It's sting took those we love and thus taints the giver for all time. Upon the throne of heights he coiled, smug and assured in feeling. Yet control is but an illusion when those close, the givers of protection, the guards that stand by his side do much to help a little mouse in her flight to freedom. What does this say about the snakes grasp on power? One who buys the illusion condemns themselves to a future of darkness, that acts as if it is light.

Stay the course my friends. Wait quietly. Watch quietly. Whisper words of light into the dark light. The false light.

The little mouse skitters from the throne of heights, her eyes without mask of illusion. The snake snaps in vain."

Bards in several taverns around Aegisport and the Market District are reported to be putting the words to song. In one case it caused an argument amongst patrons who found it amusing and those who feared the reaction of the authorities.

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