The Mystics, as a race, have had a rather difficult existence for the past several centuries. Between the loss of Val Shohob, persecution during the Kretonian era, and eventually the journeys past the Nexus which lead to many of their own kind joining ranks with the Kamir, the source of the so-called Voice which used to manipulate them.

Early HistoryEdit

Long ago, the Mystics were a race that, according to their lore, had the opportunity, "To choose power without being able to understand what they wrought, or the ability to have foresight but be powerless to stop what is to come?" They chose the latter, and referred to the source of their wisdom as The Voice, which guided them.

Approximately eleven millennia ago, a Mystic named Timon lead followers in a movement that believed that the gifts of the Mystics could be used for personal gain. Ultimately, the followers left the planet, were separated from The Voice, and lead to what became known as the Timonae.

2000 - 3010Edit

In the 2600s, the planet of Val Shohob was destroyed, many of those Mystics who survived eventually journeyed on Sanctuary during the Kretonian invasion. Those who remained behind were persecuted by the Kretonians, surviving on Quaquan with assistance from the Qua.

In the early 3000s, Val Shohob was revived with former Eye Balthazar as the surviving by the Hivers. Many Mystics reinhabited Val Shohob in these early years. It is during this time that the Voice was learned to be the Kamir. Eventually, with the assistance of the Hivers, the Kamir were defeated on Nocturn.

After Balthazar's death, Mordecai assumed the position of Eye. After declaring a journey past the Nexus, Val Shohob became largely uninhabited again.

A couple years later, Mordecai returned as Morden'Kamir, a member of the new Kamir, on Nocturn. Eventually many other Mystics who travelled with Mordecai had been converted to joining the new Kamir as well.