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  • Reported To: FHC
  • Reported At: Fastheld
  • Reported When: Wed May 28 13:55:09 2008

JADE GARDENS - The newly appointed Duke Gefrey Driscol announced today that the old Nillu and Seamel knightly orders, the Argent Claw and the Bronze Riders, would be disbanded and reformed together in a new order, the Order of the Crimson Thorn.

The imagery, the Duke explained, hearkens to the brilliant red thorns that grow on the stem of the young rose. A rose, he explains, is a beautiful flower, and one which may charm. However, when in danger, the rose is protected by its crimson thorns. The Order of the Crimson Thorn would - like the thorns on a rose's stem - protect House Driscol and keep peace within its lands.

All former members of the Bronze Riders and the Argent Claw will be assimilated into the Order of the Crimson Thorn. For the moment, the Duke Driscol will be commanding the Knights of House Driscol out of Bloodwood M